Weiringxian’s plant culture

Weiringxian’s plant culture

A long time ago, there was an ancient temple on a mountain in somewhere in Jiangnan. This ancient temple was called Weiling Temple. There is an old monk in the temple who is good at treating the disease. The symptoms such as rheumatism, and the throat are stuck, and the disease is eliminated. Before the old monk treats the disease, he will burn incense and read the Buddha, and then pour the ash into the water for the patient to drink. After the patient drank gray water, the pain was better. The old monk said it was the Buddha’s cast assistance. Therefore, he not only cheated the patient a lot of money, but also received the trust of the patients who came to see the doctor.

In fact, the old monk’s bowl is not ordinary water, it is a herbal soup that can treat diseases such as rheumatism. Every day, the old monk asked the monk to fry this medicine every day. In addition to fried soup every day, he had to make a fire for fasting and cleaning each courtyard. The old monk sometimes scolded him. The little monk was very angry, so he thought about a way to deal with the old monk. When decoction, the herb can be replaced with weeds.

On this day, the hunter’s son’s throat was stuck in a bone, and the hunter brought his son to Wei Ling Temple to find an old monk for treatment. However, the medicine soup did not play any role, and his throat was still stuck. When the old monk saw it, he was anxious and afraid of ugliness, and said to the hunter: “You have something unclean, offend the Buddha, and the Buddha does not want to save your child anymore! You go.”

The hunter walked out of the hall with a seriously ill son. At this time, the monk chased up from behind and took out a bowl of medicine soup and said, “The Buddha is not spiritual, drink my medicine.” Seeing the results, the son’s is also sick, and the hunter thanked him again and again. Since then, no one went to the old monk to cure the disease, and people ran to find a little monk for treatment. It is also said that the water of the old monk of Weiling Temple is not cured, and the medicine of the monk can cure the disease.

One day, the coward suffered from rheumatism and went to the monk for medicine. When he walked to the hall, he happened to meet the old monk. The old monk suddenly realized that the original problem was all on the little monk. He was so angry that his teeth were gritted. The coward was also watching, and he was inconvenient to get angry, so he strode out of the hall and wanted to find the monk to settle the account.

Since then, the little monk has become the abbot of Weiling Temple. He planted many herbs, and every time he went to Weiling Temple to seek treatment, he did not collect money. Because the herbal products are from Wei Ling Temple, the effect of treating the disease is as magical as Shen Dan’s medicine, so people later called it “Weilingxian”.

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