Whale flower breeding method and precautions

Whale flower breeding method


Whale flowers like good drainage, breathable soil, so it requires soil loose, fertile, good drainage, can use humisure, wood chips, perlite mixed soil, plus some fine sand, increase gas permeability.

Water fertilizer management

Whale flowers like a wet environment, to give foot water in the growth period, keep the pot soil, and increase the air humidity around it by water. Reduce water supply in summer and low temperature in winter, keep the pot soil dry, which is conducive to the growth of whales.

Whale flowers are fertilized plants and should be regularly given to liquid fertilizer. In the growth season, you can apply every 15 to 20 days, and it is suitable for fertilization. Whale flowers are general spring, summer fresh nitrogen fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer, autumn, potassium fertilizer. When the flower bud grows, it can take 1 to 2 times of liquid fertilizer based on phosphate fertilizer.

Light and temperature

Whale flower is warm and humid and semi-yin environments. The suitable temperature of the growth is between 18 to 22 ° C, and the wintering temperature should be above 10 ° C, and the temperature during the winter is maintained above 15 ° C.

Whale flowers like bright non-split light, lighting or window sills are suitable for farming places. It can usually make the whale flowers in sunshine, but pay attention to the whale flowers in the summer.

Whale flower farming precautions

Breeding method

Whale flowers often use cuttings, plant or seeds in the breeding, and can be carried out in spring or autumn.

Other considerations

Trims are often trimmed during the cultivation of whales.

When the whale flower is blooming, the fertilization should be stopped, the soil is biased, and the water can be reduced.

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