What are the common cultivation varieties of rock peony

Jade peony

The large variants of rock peony are 2-3 times large of rock peony, and wart-like protrusions present a wider triangle shape.

Longjiao Peony

Longjiao peony is a monocystal plant, with a plant amplitude between 3-7 cm. The wart-like protrusions are dark gray green and shows a triangular shape. It is blunt, about 5 cm long, without cracks and thorns.The flower is the color of the pink, and its diameter is about 3,4 cm.

Triangle peony

There are many wart-like protrusions, about 3-5 cm long, and a width of about 2-2.5 cm. Nearly upright, there are sharp keraton-shaped spine ridges in the outer edge, without cracks.The flower is yellow, pulled out from the cotton bushes in the middle of the plant, with a diameter of 5 cm.


Wart -like protrusions are triangular shape, the color is pale gray green, and the newly long wart -like protruding color is dark green, and there are a small amount of white or rusty scales on it.The flowers are white or light pink, with a diameter of 4-5 cm.

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