What are the common kidney fern?

Long leaf kidney fern

The kidney fern is one of the ornamental fern plants, but the ornamental value of this long leaf kidney fern is not very high. Long leaf kidney fern, as the name suggests, is relatively long, but the leaves here are not leaves but compound leaves. The compound leaves of long leaf kidney fern are about 100 centimeters long. Watching value. The growth of long leaf kidney fern is very high in temperature and humidity. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the proper watering and shading for it in summer. , But it must not be exposed to drought for a long time.

Entertainment clam

As one of the variety of kidney fern, the compound leaves of entertainment clams can reach 50 to sixty centimeters. The leaves present a seductive light green, and there is a pointed “teeth” on the edge. If the leaves are dry, this circle of “teeth” It’s easy to fall off. This type of entertainment clams is also called fine -leaf entertainment clams, which is particularly prone to infecting diseases and insect pests, so it sprays drugs at appropriate.

Changye Entertainment Coba

The difference from the entertainment clams is different from the length of compound leaves. The length of the compound leaves of long leaf entertainment clams can reach about 150 centimeters, which is about three times that of entertainment clams compound leaves. It is five times the width of the entertainment clams. The leaves of long leaf entertainment clams are dark green, bright and shiny, and have high ornamental value.

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