What are the common summer succulents?

What is summer fleshy meat

Summer succulent and winter succulents should be two types of opposite types. Winter -type succulents are usually dormant in summer, while summer types are dormant in winter.

But in fact, this is not to say that the succulent succulent is not dormant in summer. In fact, when the temperature is very high, it will also sleep when it exceeds 35 ° C. The plant is dormant in winter, but it is necessary to keep the temperature above 10 ° C. Low temperature can easily let the plant frostbite.

What are the common summer succulents?

In fact, most of the fairy palm family plants are summer species.

Galan dishes are common in Tang Yin, jade hanging clock, moon rabbit ears, fairy dance, etc. all belong to the summer type.

The green lock dragon is common in the succulent green, god knife, flower moon, fire festival, green lock dragon, and sunset goose, which are all summer types.

Summer -type succulents in tile pine are mainly blunt leaf pine, Fuji, and Zi holding lotus, wolf claw tile pine.

The agave is more common in the snow, the snow of thunder, the gods of thunder, and the princess.

The summer type in the genus of chandeliers, common ones, green rain and so on.

Snow lotus, black princes, Chiwa lotus, Huang Li, Jin Sihuang, Yamato Jin, white peony, purslane, purslane dance, and alcohol, and night city aloe vera And desert roses belong to the summer type.

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