What are the common types of Wenshunlan?

Wenshun’s common type

1, Asian Wenshun:

Asian Wenshun has a long-standing cylindrical bulk. The whole plant is less than 30, which has a plurality of columns and a lorets. The length can be 1 m, a width of about 7-12 cm, from low to higher, with a pointed, a dark green edge. Flower stems are vertical shape, almost in length with leaves, about 10-24 flowers; pedicel is 0.5-2.5 cm long. Class spherical fruit, diameter is around 4 cm, accompanied by a seed, flowering in summer.

2, cute Wenshun:

There is a difference in ball-shaped bulbs in Asian Wenshun, not a wavy blade. Plant is about 60 cm or less, approximately distributed in the tropics of the Asian area, and the flowers are slightly neat in Asian Wenshun, and the flowers are mostly open, and the flowers will be sagged before flowering.

3, saffron Wenshun:

It is not much different from the plants of Asian Wenshun, and the shape of the flowers is not contrary to Wenshun, and there is a sleeper of Silan Striped Wenshun.

In addition to the above three, there are more than 100 kinds of Swingran, and there are common: Sumen waxed script, bright red flowers; North America Manshun, microcked leaves, tooth edges, white South African Wenshun, attached to the top of white frost, deep red outside; South Africa Mu Wenshun, is a pink. This type of variety is different, and the recognition is high.

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