What are the common varieties in Triangle?

Silver leaves white triangle

The leaves, the leaves of the leaves, and the leaves are all on white, so they have to be named silver. The leaves are thin and elliptical. Stem dry thorn is small, and the branches are soft. Flower bractera is pure white, the flower period in February of the month.

Red triangle

The Ye is large, the deep green is bright, the ovulation is circular, the bud heart and the young leaves are deep red, the branches are hard, upright, stem thoughts, the flowers are big red, the color is bright, the flower is 3-50, 9-11 moon.

Green leaf orange triangle

The leaves are green without gloss, the leaves are large and thin, and there is an elliptical. Bud heart and young leaves are dark green, stem thorns, branches hard can stand up, leaf bracts orange red, spend from 3 to May, 8- October.

Eva Mrs. Trump

Circular green leaves, open weight petals, leaf flowers, purple, gorgeous. The foliary is circular to the ovoid, the first end is tipped to an urgent, mostly 5 cm. Patunic red, sepals insert pink and rose red, pioneer, stamens and calyx degenerated into boss shape, colored, umbrella.

California Gold Triangle

The leaves are deep green, the ovate is circular, the first end is more urgent, the tube tube is white and yellow. Flowering in May, in May, the yellow variety entered the flowers in the fall, but its cold-resistant is not as good as ordinary triangles, and the safety is 10 ° C above 10 ° C.

Baby egg purple triangle

The blade is elliptical, light purple flowers, less flowers, small floral.

Sakura triangle plum

Also called green leaf cherry blossom, leaf grass green, leaf thin, elliptical, bud heart and young leaves are light green, soft, flowers, flowers from the white flowers, pink until dark red, flower color Gradually become dark, spend from 3 to June, from January to December.

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