What are the common varieties of African Fengxian?

Common varieties of Fengxian in Africa


This variety is the most rich series in African Phoenix, with a total of 24 colors and 8 compound colors.

Super elf

This variety is a pure color series of African Phoenix, with rich colors, including pink, white, orange, red, apricot yellow, etc. The sunrise flowers are orange -red and purple edges, and pearl flowers are yellow and white.

Madam Shad

It belongs to the early flower species. It takes about two months from sowing to flowering. The red and white petals are red, and there are white long vertical strips in the center.


The plant height is 25-30 cm, and the flower diameter is 5 cm. Among them, peach blossom orange-red has dark edges.

Lightning warfare

The heat -resistant variety is suitable for suspension cultivation.


This variety has strong branches, of which rose mosaic and pale purple mosaic are beautiful and elegant.


This variety belongs to the largest series of African Phoenix Fairy, with a flower diameter of about 6-7 cm.


It belongs to super early flowering, and it can generally bloom for about 50 days after sowing.

Rotating Trojan

The heavy petal flower series is suitable for the cultivation of a suspension and planting box.

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