What are the common varieties of Ruixiang

Common varieties of Ruixiang

Depending on the color of Ruixiang flower color, there are Baihua Ruixiang, safflower Ruixiang, Zihua Ruixiang, Huanghua Ruixiang and so on.In addition, there are some more common Ruixiang variants.

Kanbao Ruixiang

The well -known variety, the flower buds are red and white after opening.The shape of the blades is mostly round or obovate oval. The leaves are smooth, thick, dark green on the surface, pale green on the back of the leaf, golden yellow leaves, and the petiole is thick.

Mao Ruixiang

The flower is white, and the flowers are tightly gray -yellow silk -like pour.

Rose Ruixiang

Light red inside the petals.

Ka Ye Ruixiang

The leaf margin is anti -rolling, the apex is blunt and small.

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