What are the cultivation methods for deer onions

Deer onion’s open field cultivation

Open -floor cultivation is a kind of deer onion cultivation. Choose a high terrain and good drainage places for cultivation.

Take down the small bulb on the vetera of the deer onion for reproduction, and the main ball should be trimmed to dry the root system and then plant it. Keep the plant spacing of about 15cm, cover the soil, pay attention to exposing the top of the ball.

Note that in the open field cultivation, fertilization should be reasonably applied during breeding to maintain the growth and flowering of the plants. When sleeping, dig out the ball and put it in the greenhouse to sleep. Keep the outdoor about 5 ° C, dry and ventilate.

Deer greenhouse cultivation

The potted plant of the deer onion is generally a ball that can be blooming for about 3 years. When the potted plants are placed in a flower pot, or 3-4 plants are planted in large potted plants. When planting, it is generally shallow, and the ball must be exposed.

When putting on the pot, pay attention to the wet watering, fertilizing once every half month. Change the pot in time to water less during the dormant period of the plant.

The exposed basket cultivation

Basket -type cultivation refers to planting balls in a basket, usually 16. The deer onions planted in this way are relatively easy to transplant and the maintenance is relatively simple. Pay attention to weeding in time.

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