What are the differences between begonia and sand fruit

Different subjects

Begonia fruit is a family of Rosaceae, which is a tree, the bark is gray -brown or dark brown, with longitudinal cracks; sand fruit is a genus plant of the Rosaceae family, a small deciduous tree, the leaves are ovate or oval.Essence

Blossoming time is different

Begonia fruit is generally blooming in April and white; sand fruit is generally blooming in spring and summer. It is arranged on the top of the branch in the shape of an umbrella. The flower stems and calyx are fluffy and red.

Different growth environment

Begonia fruit grows on the side of hillside, flat or valleys, wild or cultivated begonia fruit grows on hills or seaside sandy land at 60-200 meters of Haibo; sand fruit often grows on hillsides, flat ground and valley fields at an altitude of 50-1300 meters above sea level.Essence

Different fruit form

The fruits of begonia fruit are ovate, with a diameter between 2-2.5 cm, and the peel is red.Wild little apples, yellow or red.

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