What are the different varieties of Caile?

Seasonal variety

The main variant of the immortal

Flower fairy

Flower, white, red or purple;

Dark red chenacker

Flower, dark red.

The gardening variety of immortality is classified according to the pattern.


It is a representative pattern of gardening varieties. Flowers, petals, full edge, flowering petals, petals. There are several varieties such as single-petal, auxiliary petal, heavy flap, silver leaves, striped, aromatic, and the blade saw tooth is shallow and not significant.

Flattening type

The petals are flat, the edges have fine and wocked, narrower than the large floral petals. Flower buds, the sawtooth of the leaves is more remarkable.

Luo Coco

The petal edge waves have a fine. It is not like a flowering reversal like a large floral shape, and in contrast, it is sliding down to present a semi-open state. The petals is wider and the top is fanned. The fragrance is relatively rich, the top of the flower bud is circular, the folio saw teeth are more showed, and someone will be called the flat-flap and the Rococoin.

Crumpled type

It is a modified and modified palette. The flower is big, the edges are fine and wafled, and the petals will be reversed when flowering.

The number of petals is more than ten, will not be reversed, the petal is slightly short, the stamens often degrade. Dependency, color, plant size, appearance feature classification

Big flower

For the main good flower pots, the flowers, large colors, the color, high variety, high ornamental value, the temperature requires strict requirements, difficult to maintain, grow suitable temperature at 10-28 ° C, higher than 30 ° C management It will leave the leaves, it will delay the flowering below 7 ° C. The average temperature of the flower period is higher than 15 ° C, which will cause disproportionate, affecting the value of the goods.

Medium-sized system

Compact, abundant, and insective flowers. This series also has a small plant, a variety of large-scale flowers, and more easy cultivation.


It is a generation of immortality to homogenize hybrids. It is characterized by strong growth and strong and strong disease.


It is also called a mini, it is small and exquisite, can watch in your hand, the flower is like a nail, often zone.

Huge flower

Also known as Latin, spending big.

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