What are the factors affecting the flowering of tulips?

Ball degradation affects tulips blossom

2-3 years of continuous cultivation of seed balls can easily have a phenomenon of brev. If the termination of the environment is more obvious with the environmental differences of tulips original, it will continue to degrade tulips.

In general, we purchased the tulip commodity ball on the market. Under the conditions that do not take certain measures, we can only use it for 1 year, and will not flow normally in the second year.

Storage temperature affects tulips blossom

When the ball needs to pay attention to the changes in the ambient temperature during storage, the temperature is too high, which causes a large amount of nutrients of the bulbs, causing the ball supply, and the spur of the flower buds, there is no common temperature condition or suitable temperature range. It will lead to poor development of tulip flowers, resulting in it not able to flow normally.

Water fertilizer management affects tulip blossom

Tulip should pay attention to the application of water and fertilizer, and the water fertilizer management is mistaken. For example, in the season of tulips, it will lead to tulips, which will lead to insufficient supply of tulips, causing it not able to flow normally.

Ball unprocessed affects tulips blossom

The treatment of a low temperature before planting will also affect the flowering, general development and its good breeding, and will be treated in a low temperature environment of 5-9 ° C before planting. Transfer to the indoor and cultivated care, which can promote the roughness of the flowers and can make the flower period in advance.

Root injury affects tulip blossom

The root of tulips has received a certain degree of damage, it is impossible to regenerate, so the basss boss after transplant is not easy to flow.

Infection disease affects tulips blossom

Tulips’ schus will also cause the disease that can cause it to flow, which will make it rotten, and the plants will not flow normally.

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