What are the flowers for parents, suitable for older people?

Stone bamboo

Senior people with chronic nephritis and heart disease can be planted.It is colorful, and it can be used in whole.


Senior people with chronic pharyngitis can grow bacterium.This flower is yellowing, fragrant, washing and drinking.


Senior people with chronic arthritis or lumbar muscles, can grow.The safflower flower is like a fire, and the color is raised, and the wine is soaked.


Senior people with chronic diseases, physical weakness, can be planted.枸杞 spring drum yellow small flowers, summer fruit is string, very beautiful.Its fruit into the medicine can nourish the liver and kidney, beneficially, and strong body.


Jasmine is pleasant, root, and leaves can be analgesia, and the flowers can clear and detoxify, can be treated with external fever, abdominal pain and sore.


Huajumei can be swollen and disappected, red ascetry can be calm blood, and the white chrysanthemum can be clear, and the loosei can lungs.


The cactus is evergreen, and the internal service can cure the dysentery, enteritis, external application can be cured, burns.

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