What are the flowers suitable for spring cuttings

Golden Bell

In spring, it is more suitable for cuttings to hang gold bells.

First, choose the appropriate cuttings, choose a tender -tip branch, keep 2 leaves on the top, and cut about 7-8cm long. The cut branches are soaked and disinfected with potassium permanganate solution.

After processing the cuttings, you can insert the cuttings into the prepared substrate, then pour water, and place it in a brighter light. Pay attention to keep the soil moist.

Jade tree

In spring, Yushu can also be cut.

Choose the strong branches or blades of Yushu, which grows stronger, remove it and put it in a cool place to dry it. After the wound is dry, cuttings are made.

When cutting jade trees, you can cut the cuttings directly into the soil. After cutting, pay attention to keep the soil moist. Generally, you can take root in about 20-30 days.


When cutting longevity flowers, you can choose strong branches from longevity plants and cut 5cm as cuttings. When cutting, the soil is generally selected.

Put the cuttings into a wet soil and cover a layer of plastic film to make it take root quickly.

A string of red

The method of cutting a bunch of red in spring is very simple. You can choose a good growth branch from the top of a string of red plants as cuttings. Can be inserted directly, so that you can take root quickly.

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