What are the flowers that can bloom all year round?


Red flowers are small flowers, which are very beautiful when blooming. Its flowering period is relatively long, and flowering is generally opened from March to December each year, which can be said to be very long -lasting.

The safflower’s slurry herbal is more ornamental. It can cultivate potted plants, small and exquisite, and is more liked by girls, or make lawn flowers.

Dragon boat flower

Speaking of dragon boat flowers, everyone may not be familiar with it, but it is a flower with a long flowering period. The flowering time is generally from March -December.

Dragon boat flowers are very important potted flowers. The color is rich in color. The flowers are dense when blooming, just like a large flower ball.

African Violet

African Violet is also called African 堇, which is generally potted and flowers are more beautiful.

African Violet is a plant that blossoms in the four seasons. The plants are small and exquisite and rich in flowers. They are flowers suitable for long -term indoor breeding and viewing.


Rose flowers are also called Moon and Moon Red. It is a very common flowering plant. Basically, it is flowers. Every month, everyone can see its flowers.

Rose flowers can be cultivated or cultivated. Generally, you can choose some of your favorite colors to maintain the beauty of it.

Hue mulberry

Can Fusang flowers bloom all year round? This is relatively rare. Although it can be cultivated potted, there are not many people who cultivate. Generally, a pot of breeding can enjoy flowers every day.

The only disadvantage is that its flower type is relatively single.

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