What are the hi yin flowers?


Rhododendron is also called Ying Shanhong. It is rumored that there are rhododendron birds in ancient times. Regardless of the day, we often made a scream of sorrow. The blood cough was red, so it was called azalea.There are many colors of white, red, and green, and there are many types of flowers.

Spidering orchid

Schigrang is also known as hanging orchids and weagus. It is suitable for growing in a cool and humid environment. Blossoms are mostly white. Occasionally, some different color petals appear. Usually, the air can be purified indoors.


When the jade flowers are not blooming, the buds are like the name of the jade, and they usually bloom white flowers in the summer and autumn, exuding a pleasant fragrance.The jade flower is a typical Xiyin flower. It is suitable for growing in a humid and cool environment. It is one of the important flowers in my country’s classical garden gardening.

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