What are the main varieties of Huang Zhonghua

Huang Zhonghua’s important variety

The important variety of Huang Zhonghua is the yellow leaf yellow bell flower.

Brief introduction

Lingye Huang Zhong is a plant that belongs to the Blue Bell Flower of the Kikyo family. Its leaves are relatively narrow, but there are no soft long hair on the leaves.

The stems of the yellow clock flowers are relatively thick. The top of his top is scales, and the shape of the scales is basically long ovate.The yellow leaf yellow bell flowers are indifferent, but it does not rule out a few short branches. The branches of the yellow leaf yellow bell flowers have gray -white long hair.EssenceThe front and back of the leaves have soft long hair. Of course, some light leaves yellow bell flowers are hairless.

The yellow -leaf yellow bell flowers grow above the plant stems. The calyx appears short tube -shaped, the bottom is circular, the corolla is yellow or the flower period of yellow or pale yellow leaf yellow bells is in July and August of each year.

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