What are the management of lavender?

Lavender temperature and light management

Lavender is happy, the potted place requires sufficient sunshine, cool, afraid that high temperature and high humidity, control temperature, light and moisture are key.

Long-term tissue leaves are yellow, can’t endure hot and moist, summer needs to be placed in direct sunlight, or use 50% transmissive sunshade net shade, avoid direct sunlight, increase ventilation To reduce the ambient temperature, keep cool, can enjoy the summer.

According to the requirements of illumination according to different periods, see light, such as the winter and spring, should be guaranteed to ensure full light. Lavender is a long-suede plant, and the illumination is an extremely important role in the formation of growth and aromatic oil. It will cause long-term shading to cause long-term disease.

How to water in lavender

If the potted lavender is long-term water, it will die. If the potter is in a dry state, it is also unfavorable to the plant growth or even dead.

Therefore, it should be mastered the principle of “no drying, dryness”. When the potted lavender leaves are slightly wilting, it is usually necessary to keep the surface of the pot soil, and the internal moist in the basin soil is.

Summer watering should be in the morning or evening, avoid high temperature, watering must be patient, water injection from the edge of the flower pot, water should not splash in the leaves and flowers, otherwise it is easy to rot and breed. The basin of the potted lavender is limited, and the water is especially important in the right time.

Fertilization method of lavender

Lavender is resistant to poor, the requirements for fertilizers are not high, water soluble quick-acting fertilizers, such as 1% ~ 2% urea or compound fertilizer, such as 1% ~ 2% urea or compound fertilizer; 6 ~ August, Potassium compound fertilizer is main, nitrogen fertilizer should not be too much It is easy to cause long. When combining the pot in winter, bone flour and calcium phosphate are added to the basin soil.

Lavender of plastic surgery

In order to make the potted lavender strains, the flower leaves are appropriate, and the newly growing epithelial is high. After the flow of flowers, it must be trimmed in time to trim the plant as the original 2/3, which will be more strong and conducive to growth. Cool summer, the trim should not be too heavy, do not cut to the wooded part, so as not to die from the disadvantages. Usually, you can cut the dry, the length and the strain of the branches. In the late summer, it is appropriately cut, which can promote new branches, regulatory plants, such as hemisphere, ball type, square column, etc.

Majestic disease prevention

The main disease of lavender is rooted, high-temperature and high humidity, to strengthen ventilation and keep the air dry.

Especially from January to October, it is necessary to turn it in time after the rain, pay attention to prevent water in the basin.

In the early days of the pathogenesis, the roots can be used in bacterium, and the bacteria is 800 times, once a month.

Common pests have a red spider and aphid, and the aphid is harmful, 50% anti-rock 2000 ~ 3000 times liquid or 10% chlorophytic acid 2000 ~ 3000 times liquid is sprayed once, once a week, no spray 2 times; red spider hazard It can be sprayed with a gramite 2000 times liquid, once a week, a spray 3 times, when spraying, the leaves of the leaves are sprayed.

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