What are the moving plants


Sunflower is a very magical plant, because it has a large flower plate, it always turns as the sun turns. Although the whole process looks slower, it is really moving.

The reason why sunflowers exercise is because its plants are shining, and its characteristics meet their own growth needs. Therefore, everyone often finds that sunflowers rotate with the sun.


Speaking of mimosa, people who have been raised have tried to show it that shyness. When accidentally encountering the leaves of Mimosa, it will be stimulated, and the leaves are drooping and closed, like shyness.

Mimosa will have this characteristic because of the characteristics of long -term evolution. It is said that in the place of origin of Mimosa, the wind and rain are relatively strong, so it often blows the wind and rain. In order to protect itself, when the wind and rain come, Mimosa will close the leaves.

Water lily

Water lily is a plant that can sleep! of course not. The characteristic of water lilies is that the flowers will be unfold during the day, and it will be closed at night, just like a man is asleep.

This characteristic of water lilies is actually related to light. Its flowers are affected by light. It will be expanded during the day, and there is no sunlight at night, and it will be closed.

Dancing grass

Dancing grass is probably a very interesting grass, because under the influence of temperature and sound, dancing grass will slowly dance, just like a beautiful girl. Fertilization is interesting and full of mystery.

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