What are the ornamental fern plants?

Kidney fern

A fern plant that does not bloom, because the flock of its spore sac looks like the shape of a human kidney, it has the name of the kidney fern. The leaves of the kidney fern are smooth and fluffy, the root -shaped stems stand upright and there are no branches. It has high ornamental value and is often used in garden greening.

Fan blades

The stems of the fan blades are still standing up but relatively short. The longest stems are only forty -five centimeters, and the leaves are shiny. It belongs to a branch of iron wire fern, and because its leaves are like fan -shaped, it is called a fan blades iron wire fern.

Hug fern

Three cracks are constantly split from the root to the top, which looks like an antlers and looks very elegant. The surface of the stem is covered with brown scales and is hard upright.

Bird’s nest fern

The leaves are green and shiny, the leaves are narrow and surrounded by growth. The rhizomes are very short. The whole plant of the bird’s nest fern looks like a bird’s nest growing on the ground.

Tail fern

The average phoenix fern can reach 50 to seventy centimeters high. The pole is colored. Sometimes it will be brown or brown. The leaves show charming ovation and the surface is smooth and beautiful.

Black fern

The height of the black fern is very elusive. The height can reach one meter, but the short ones are only about thirty centimeters. The rhizomes are relatively short. The leaves are thick, but the same bright and shiny.

Chinese gold powder fern

This is a ferns that not only have ornamental value but also have high medicinal value. The leaves are slightly golden in the leaves. From a distance, it is a golden piece of gold, which is very attractive.

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