What are the plants suitable for sowing in June?

Something suitable for sowing flowers in June

In June, most of the flowers are actually not suitable for sowing, but there are exceptions, such as rewarding spring flowers, Su Tie, wax plums, loquats, etc., which are more suitable for sowing at this time.

Wax plum sowing

The seeds of wax plums are actually relatively large. Generally, the fruits on the plants become yellow -brown and the seeds can be taken down for sowing when the seeds become tan.

After removing the fruit, take out the seeds inside, first soak the seeds of the plant with cold water to absorb water and swell, and then put it in the sand for germination. The time for germination should be longer, usually 2 weeks, and it can be sowed with dew.

Spring flower sowing

Baochun flowers are a common flowering plant, beautiful flowering, and often sowing when breeding.

The seeds of spring flowers are relatively small, and sowing should be performed in time. When sowing, put the soil in the flower pot first. When sowing the seeds, you can mix the seeds on the soil first, spread it, and then cover the glass plate or plastic film. After sowing, you can place it in a semi -overcast place. Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.

After the sowing of spring flowers, it is generally necessary to produce seedlings in about one week. As the seedlings grow gradually, the medicine is removed in time to remove the glass plate or plastic film.

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