What are the plants that bloom in summer?


From June to September, the flowers are white, red, pink, purple and other colors. The flowers are single at the top of the flower stalk, and the petals are embedded in the flower hole.


From May to August, the paraglocker was born. Generally speaking, there were 3 flowers, and sometimes there were 5 flowers in single flowers; the corolla was white.

June Snow

From May to July, the flowers were single or axillary or a few clusters were at the top of the branches. The flower columns were prominent, and the corolla was light red or white.

Egg flower

From May to October, several flowers gathered at the top of the branches, the corolla was tube -shaped, and 5 cracked.The white center is yellow, and the taste is extremely fragrant.


From June to September, the flowers bloomed in the summer, and the top of the cone was bloomed. Each flower had 6 petals, with various colors such as white, red, purple, and light pupae.

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