What are the plants that can’t be kept

Solar flower

If you grow up in the countryside, you must be particularly familiar with this flower. Sprinkle in the yard, you can grow into a large area regardless of it. It can grow almost with light, and there is not much demand for moisture, which is particularly resistant to drought.

There are also many ways to reproduce the sun flowers. It can be sowed, spring, summer and autumn, and sowing in three seasons. After sowing, it can germinate in about ten days.

If the temperature can be kept above 15 degrees, it can bloom as soon as one month.

You can also use cuttings to reproduce, cut the sun flower into small sections and sections, cutting into the soil, pour some water, and can survive in a few days. It is particularly good.


Undead bird, also known as falling root, means that you can take root when you fall to the ground, and the vitality is so tenacious. You have to give up to death, and the flowers have to admire you.

The leaves of the undead bird are very special, the edges are jagged, and new small plants can grow on the leaves. When the air is humid, it can also give birth to the root. Those small plants are arranged on the edge of the leaves, and they will fall when they touch, and falling on the ground is a new plant.

The maintenance of undead birds is even simpler, giving sufficient light, and occasionally watering can grow very lush.


Tiger Pilan has a certain absorption ability for formaldehyde, and it is very simple to maintain. Like a warm and humid environment, tolerance for drought to yin, strong and strong, as long as you don’t be too lazy, you are also a flower that can’t be kept.

Tigerpi can use cuttings and divisions to reproduce. During cutting, cut the leather leaves into several sections and insert it directly into the river sand or perlite, which can soon be survived. If the division is divided, it can be operated in combination with the pot.

If you are a novice, or you always have to raise flowers

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I don’t know if the flower friends, have any raising to die?

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