What are the plants that eat bugs?

Pork cage

Pig cages are a type of herbaceous plants with predation insect capabilities, and pork cages are often equal in nature. The texture of leaves is complex. Patting insects. The pork cages have a total order, a green or purple flower. The bottle-like body of the pork cage is a tool for prey in insects. The fl cell opening edge and cap can be doubled, which can secrete honey, and induce insects. The mouth is smooth, and it is drowned by the liquid secreted by the insects, drown by the liquid secreted, and decomposes the nutrient nutrients, and gradually digested.

Bottle of grass

The bottle of grass is a bottle of bottle of grass, and their cylindrical leaves can secrete digestion fluid, which is mixed with its storage rainwater to cause insect ulcects inserted into the cartridge. That is, they use leaves to capture and digest ants, wasps and other insects. Jar typically uses honey to attract insects. On the insectica in the bottle, there are many honey glands near the bottle mouth, which can secrete juice containing fructose, which is used to attract insects. When insects eat this venom, they will be unclear, or paralyzed, death.


The flyth grass belongs to a vascular plant is a very popular capricewoman, with complete roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds. Its blade is the most important and obvious part, with the function of prededing insects, the appearance is obvious, and the red-neutral portion of the neutral, appearance is like a bloody mouth of the coulable. Potted plants can be applied to the sun-to-the-tree platform and balcony, or specialize in cultivation of planting tanks; flycoplasia is known as meat plants in nature.

Sheen vegetables

Plants are survived by using chlorophyll photosynthesis, but there are also small plants to prey in small insexs to draw nutrients, and they can be such a cuvette, such plants can capture insects, then secrete liquid Digestion of the nutrients of absorbent insects.

Jin Kito

Jin Kito is a vegetable plant, which often grows on the grass or wet rock face, sand. The leaf of Jinco is a lotus-shaped, the wort, the edge, the edge is gland, and the insect falls, the gland will surround the worm, the adhesive gland is sticking, the insect is sticking, the liquid can be secreted Decompose the nutrients such as worm proteins and then absorb by leaves.

Yellow raccino

Worm Plants in Water When the type of talent algae, the yellow racuy algae is sinking in water, and there is a follicle in the blade to capture the tiny worm or floating animals in water. Summer autumn flower out of the water surface to open a yellow lip flower.


Digging the ear is a civet alcoholic, a cuvette plant, which is born in swamp wetlands. It is a short herbs in the year, the stem is erected, there is a branches, and the insect vesicles are born on the leaves. Because of its foodust, there is no chlorophyll Large blades, branches open, small yellow flowers, fruit period increased and drooping dug.

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