What are the precautions in the summer maintenance?

Pour the golden bell summer maintenance point

First, cool down and humidity

It can be placed under a shed to cool down to the ground and strengthen ventilation.

Second, control fat water

Strictly control watering, stop fertilization, potting soil is slightly biased, if the potting soil is often in a damp state or a sultry, it will cause plant leaf yellow and yellow, and even rotten.

Third, prevent rain

It is easy to cause rotten roots and deciduous.

Fourth, cultivate new seedlings

The old strain is sensitive to temperature, high temperature resistance, and the rampage is strong.

Xiaobian suggestion

In the summer, it is necessary to start from spring, and it should be cut into new seedlings during spring.

It should also be paid to the cold after the summer, and after turning the cold, it will gradually enter the growth of the growth.

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