What are the rare flowers?I have seen 5 of them and you are great


你 … Yangcun, did you run here? The grass on the Qingqing grassland is eaten light?

Short beak Fengxianhua

Alas, see me cute?

Mansi Tdoccoa

The red warrior who walks in the sword, where do you go to help the righteousness?


Alas! Alas! Alas! I think you are more like a frog!

Grevillea Rosmarinifolia

Does it look like a group of snails that extend an angle?


Long legs Ouba! You are so fragrant, is this good?

Sphyrospermum buxifolium

This crystal -clear purple fruit, a little furry on the outside, picks it off to make earrings, it must be beautiful!

Katlan’s big pig brother Kenlili

Just because the family has a circle of hair, it is called a pig brother, isn’t it fair?

Ghost flute

This name is so scary, can it really blow out at night?

Thai parrot Fengxian

The extent of Fengxianhua is worse than that of orchids!


Little pot friends, your red skirt is so beautiful, can you wear it?

Robotoma armpit orchid

This flower blooms so much like a leaf, and it looks like an unreasonable look!

Purple fan flower

Hua also jumped up the square fan dance! Uniform dress, neatly formation, full score!

Scarlet flame beans

In ancient times, the hydrangea thrown by the ladies was based on you as a prototype? The diameter of this flower is super large, more than 6 inches!

Star Mangusong Cordyceps

This flower type is so strange that there are countless spiders living inside, and they will come out to bite you when they touch!

Little white rabbit

Super cute and cute little rabbit paper! Jumping, really the old girl’s heart!

Parrot mouth phoenix flower

Little yellow mouth, red clothes, and like parrots, they are not as beautiful as parrots, but they can’t learn to speak!


What a beautiful flower style, like acrobatics & dancers, hang up high -altitude, like you!

Leptospermum rotundifolium

This is actually a seed like a button!

It was so beautiful before its flower blooming like this!


There is no such dancing posture! I am still dating that little mirror photo!

Ladder iron wire fern

The edge of the small ladder is actually its seed!

Wax plum

Is the magic claws stretched out a little scary?

Three -color dry golden lotus

This little flower is really fascinated by me!

Muping Ziqi

Big geese, what are the scenes stretching their necks?


Why is such ordinary flowers, why is it a chocolate flower? This is because its stamens and flowers have a taste of chocolate! so amazing! Want to taste!

Wide petal building

The leaves and flowers are green. You can see it clearly, is it flower?

Torch ginger

Does it look like plastic flowers?


Little butterfly, you are in groups, where are you going to fly?

Paper Flower Tea Cup Flower

Although it is a tea cup flower, Huahua thinks that it is more like a helmet, do you think?

Clam flower

Opening a big mouth, it’s really a bit like a toad!

Alpine running pineapple Puyaalpestris

This noble color is not as good as a flower!

Single -leaf vines

Buddy, what are you? Haven’t seen Ge You paralysis?


Compared to Chinese vegetable thistle, this thistle that is bigger than the slap is really rewarded by flowers, fresh and refined!

western columbine

The flying saucer is about to land, idle people, etc., leave quickly ~!

Who knows what flowers are?

Little alien, with a cute hat, flying in space, so cute!

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