What are the roses?


Rose is one of the representative flowers of the rose and a kind of deciduous shrub in Rosaceae. Its origin is in China, and there are more thorns on branches and stems. The petals are beautifully shaped, with rich colors, yellow, red, and packed colors. The meaning of roses of different colors is different. In the UK, roses are their national flowers. There are also many uses of roses. Not only are used for viewing, but also spices and cosmetics, food, etc.


Rose is also a kind of flower in flowers, enjoying the reputation of the queen in the flower. The rose can not only be green in all seasons, but also bloom in the end of the year. The color of the flowers is also rich in color, such as white, yellowish, red, etc., and some flowers are still mixed with colors, which are particularly beautiful. The blooming of rose flowers from the inside out, exuding aroma, pleasing to the eye.


Rose is mainly a small flower climbing vine, and its origin is also in our country. The stem thorns on it will be relatively large and have small hooks. Be careful when you touch it. There are many colors of rose flowers, including yellow, white and other types. Rose is not only good -looking, but also delicious, but also has a certain medicinal value. For example, the nutritional value of porridge made by rose flowers is very high. The history of our country can be traced back to two thousand years ago, and even found roses.

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