What are the sputum variability in Huamuku?

Daye geese

The geese of the sunset is also called “three-color flower hall”. The spots of the glowing mutiny variety, leaf meat is opposite, eggs, slightly bend, green, have yellow ribs, of which the yellow plaque is large, sometimes the whole leaves are yellow, the leaves are red, after As the plants grow, the yellow ribs on the blade gradually decrease until it disappears, so the old leaves are green.

The geese leaves of the sunset have yellow, green, red, and colorful, colorful, colorful, colorful, and beautiful, “The Wild Goose” of the “Day” is also like the name in the sunset. .

Three-color flower moon

For the swallows, the sputum variants of the swallows, the leaves are green, with red, yellow, white and other colors, colorful.

However, the demand for the three-color moon is very high, and it is necessary to have average light. This is very embarrassing! Between North Korea, facial facial faculty, the leaves and leaves can always enjoy the sunshine in the same direction, can only be faster than the flowers and friends, the growth is planted in the growth period.

New flower moon

The new flower moon is approximately, but the overall leaf color is shallow, the leaves are green, no pure yellow leaves, and the leafy red is less.

Golden moon

The golden moon is the spotted variety of spots in the moon. The leaves are circular, and the leaves are changed depending on the season. The cool season in the late autumn is green with yellow halves, and the leaves are red; 春 至The warm season leaves are yellow white, the red rolls of the leaves are light, and the leaves in the autumn season are dark red, flowers, deep pink.

Ji Red Flower Moon

The leaf of the Ji Red Flower is smaller than the golden flower, and the new leaves are yellow green throughout the year. The old leaves are red, very beautiful.

Shovel flower moon

The blade flower moon is the long shovel of the leaf cross section and most of the sun, and the sun is also red.

Bottle leaves

The cylindrical moon is a horseshoe shape, most of which are in the face of the leaves and most of the sun, but also known as the horseshoe, the moon is also known as a wealth tree.

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