What are the types of family flower arrangement

Bottle flower

Bottle flowers are a way to use vases as vessels.

Bottle flower arrangement is the most common, and the method is relatively simple. Generally, the vases with relatively small calibers are suitable for inserting some herbal flowers.

Pay attention to the matching of the flower when inserting.

Pot flower

Pot flower flower arrangement is also a relatively common way. Generally, it is divided into three forms.

The semi -circular pot flower, which is more suitable for flowers with smaller flowers, can make the entire flower shape semi -circular when that flower arrangement. Generally, about a dozen flowers should be used.

Asymmetric pot flowers, this is mainly a flower with large flowers, which can create asymmetric natural beauty when it is shaped.

Naturally -shaped pot flowers, this is mainly used for flowers that are naturally curved in the flower type. The flower type of the flower itself is relatively unique and natural.


Bonsai flower arrangement mainly refers to the combination of bonsai production with flower arrangement to bring it some bonsai charm.

When flower arrangement, most of them use wooden flowers and use herbal flowers as aid. It is better to choose a round or rectangular when choosing a basin.

Flower basket

Flower basket flower arrangement is actually a very interesting form. Generally, put water containers in the flower basket, and then choose a larger material.

Flower basket -style flower arrangement has different shapes such as round and L -shaped and natural shapes.


The pendant flower arrangement is actually more artistic. When the flower arrangement is performed, you can pick up the material on the spot. You can choose some like photo frames, or other materials as a flower arrangement equipment. At this time, the flower arrangement will be more artistic.

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