What are the types of hedges

Divided by height of height

Due to the large variety of hedges, according to its growth height, it can be divided into three types: high, medium, and short.

High hedges: The plants are high, and the hedge materials include beylum, elm tree, French winter green, etc. Because of its high height, strong sense of existence, close group structure, there is room for separation, dust, and noise. Is there a romantic feeling in the corridor opened by high hedges?

Mid -hedge: The height of the plant does not exceed 1.3 meters, and the width is within one meter. It represents the fence materials such as hibiscus, red mulberry, Qili fragrant, and tea trees. Whether it is a hedge, a fence or an ornamental fence, it can achieve beautifying landscapes, separate the scenic area, increase the role of attractiveness, and divide different wonderful beauty!

Dwarf hedges: The plant is low, representing the fence materials such as rose, evergreen, jasmine, azalea, etc. Because of its short height, people can watch the low -hedge to watch the inner scenery, have strong ornamental value, and the incense aroma of the low hedge It is rich, colorful, and even loved by people. It is most suitable for use in small courtyards.

Divided by the effect of hedge landscape

Materials used as hedges can be divided into flower fences, fruits and ornamental leaf -colored fees. Generally used for flower fences include jasmine, rose, cuckoo and other flowering vegetation. Guan Guoguan is commonly used in fire spine and small pupae. The leaf -colored hedge is made of the names of the leaves, red leaf Xiaoyu and other leaves.

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