What are the types of Wafasquas?


Dry whole grass for the landscapolus of the landscape. Distributed in Jilin, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Hubei, Tibet and other places.

Its original plants are similar to the first two, which mainly distinguishes that the edge of the rod-like base branch of this type does not have a stimulating teeth.

Flower yellow, the total pattern is long and dense.

Wolf Tvalo

Scenery plant wolf jaw Pine dry whole grass. Distributed in Northeast and Ningxia and other places.

White, red spotted in red, is pink, often in a pediens, the random quadringe is slightly short, and the broth is slightly short, and the bruises are lanceolate.


Lotus leaf narrow, meat, with soft bone thorn.

The flower stem is high of 25 cm. Leaf lines to line-shaped lanceolate, red spot, inflorescence, lassis similar to leaf, floral born, tendon.

Sepals oval, petals white, lanceolate, seed length 1 mm, brown. Flowers from 9 to October.


Blurwhenewasone belongs to the axial root plant, the stems of the stems, the inflorescence, the sepophysical spoon, the flowery is often free.

Sepals long round, petals white or green, long round to ovate, stamens, long petals, yellow flower. July blossom, 8-30 results.


Roots. The stalk is 10-35 cm high, and the lower portion is sometimes protruded by a microplate.

Most of the base leaf, ovulates to circular, thick, length 9-12 mm, width 8-16 mm.

There is a brown, narrow upward edge, ahead dull or circle, the side, sometimes a microprocessing head protrusion, stem, and the lower leaves, long circles, urgent.


Lineal leaf line, white, soft bone, the pedicure leaf line is upright, high can be 30 cm, the inflorescence-shaped narrow pyramid, the sepals are born in the middle of the peduncle.

Small watans

Lotus leaves, long round lanceolate to spoon, stalks, high reachable centimeters, leaf ovate lanceolate, spike-shaped or total ordered orcharper cylindrical, floral born, sessate long circular lanceolate, there is purple spots.

Sepaloxide coils to ovate, petals red or light red, lanceolate or long round lanceolate, scales close square.


Size, need. Flower stalks are slanted, bend, and weak. Soft hair or hairless.

Benicholia, dense, pouring needle-shaped to long circle, stem skin mutual, inverted lanceolate to ovate, 6-15 mm long, have a few teeth or sharp, sparsely haired or hairless.


In the first year, there is a lotus bush, the leaves of the leaves, and the linear is rounded. The second year has reached out to the center of the rod, high can be 20 cm; the stem leaves are separated, and there is a soft bone.

Inflorescence-head, sepal ovate, sepals, sepals, petals, white or light red, long round, scales close square to near-long squares, 蓇葖 erect.

Wild Walong

The family raised the meat, under the careful care of the owner, generally longer than the water. Wild polyfis, it seems to have wild, a wild gesture. Wild Walong is growing in the roll of the roll or roof.

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