What are the varieties of clover

White triple leaf

White three leaves are also called white car shawls. The leaves are green and green. They have wild distribution in Xinjiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Northeast provinces, Inner Mongolia and other places in my country. At the same time, it is a grass grass with good ornamental value, and its formation of the lawn is neat and beautiful. Its adaptability is relatively strong and heat -resistant, and it grows well under some shaded conditions. The requirements for soil are not harsh. White clover is conducive to soil and water conservation, and it can also mix white three -leaf with other cold -season and warm seasonal grass to extend the green period.

Red three leaves

Red three leaves can be called red car shafts or red monsters, which are one of the main pasture in marine areas. Its height is about 30-60cm, the leaves are palm-shaped, and there are less obvious fine teeth on the leaf veins, and the flowers are purple-red. The cool and humid climate, the lowest temperature in the northern winter of my country can be exposed to winter with a minimum temperature of 20-125 ° C. It is not suitable for growing in high temperature environments. There may be dry phenomenon in summer season. It must be irrigated in dry areas, otherwise it cannot grow normally. The coverage of red three leaves, red grass green, has better greening and beautifying ornamental value. Not only can it be planted and built a large area of ​​closed ornamental lawn, but it can also be interspersed in other plants as embellishment and inlaid. Soil and water conservation plant.


Miscellaneous three leaves are also called miscellaneous carbars and Swedish clover. They are native to Sweden. Now some cultivation species can be used as ornamental lawn and flower lawn. As a separate type, miscellaneous three leaves are not the breeds that are not the same as everyone thinks. It likes warm and humid climatic conditions than shade from shade and can grow under sparse forest. Compared with heat resistance, the summer is better in the south of my country, and the ability to resist diseases and insects is also strong. It can be managed more extensively. The developed root system and its strong adaptability, the seeds can be born.

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