What are the varieties of colors?

Grand leaf

Plants are high, with less branches.The leaves are large, ovate, and the leaves have wafle.

Colorful leaf

The leaves are small, long eased, and the leaves have no wrinkles. This variety is relatively common, rich in leaves, red, powder, orange red, yellow green, white and other color lines.Some varieties have several colored ribs, very beautiful.

Crumpled colored grass

The leaves are lack of, which is wavy, rich in leaves.It is suitable for potted plants and cultivation.

Willow leaf colorful grass

The leaves are elongated, which is a willow shape, and the leaves are lack of, and serrated.Faite cultivation.

Yellow green leaf type colored grass

The plants are low, with a large branch, small leaves, yellow green.Multi-planting in the flower bed.

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