What are the varieties of daisies?

Daisy is cool and cold, cutting hot.Hi light, semi-yin, the soil requirements of cultivation are not strict.The seed germination is suitable for temperature 22-28 ° C, and it is 20-25 ° C for fertility.Suitable in southwest China, small flower single or half-flap varieties.In the middle, the large floral flap variety is weak, and the seeds are different.

After years of cultivation and hybrid, there is a great improvement in floral, flower, color and strain, has been screened, and many garden varieties have been screened to form different series of varieties.There are several common cultivars at home and abroad:

Habarnera series

The petals of the Habenara series are longer, and the stalks can be 6cm, the flower is early summer, white, pink, red.

Pompon series

The daisy flowers of the falling ball series is 4 cm, white, pink, red, with pleated flower petals.

Rocalo series

The flower period is earlier, the flowers are large, the semi-flap, red, rose pink, pink, white, etc., the stalk is about 3cm

Taso series

Taso series flower gain, with pleated flower petals, petronymetitis 6cm, pink, white, red

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