What are the varieties of flowers onions?

Purple sensation

Purple sensation, as the name implies, is purple flower onions, and its sensation is that this variety is one of the darkest colors, and many small purple flowers are intensive to form a large flower ball, which brings amazing people. Visual effect.

Stone green

The diameter of the flower ball can reach five centimeters, and the color is elegant sky blue.


Fine shallots can be used to season, so its figure can not only appear in the garden, but also in the kitchen. The appearance is beautiful and the taste is great, just like one.

Persian Star

The name sounds very elegant, not to mention the flower onion itself. Not only the flowers are large, there are many small flowers on each flower cluster.


The name seems a bit weird, but it is not domineering. The red -purple oversized flower cluster does not disappoint the title of the king of the ball.

Wide -leaf onion

The flowers look good, the leaves are also beautiful, and the viewing value is extremely high.


Offrel’s green onions are also called rock green onions. Small, charming, space savings, strong adaptability, and strong survivability are its advantages.

Triangular green

This kind of flower shallots are not the most common and basically do not need to be taken care of. A flower onion is composed of some small sagging white flowers.

Chinese chives

Unexpectedly, leeks are also one of the varieties of green onions. The white flower clusters can be eaten and can be seen.

I will not list the other types of flower shallots. If you are interested, you can also explore it yourself. Maybe you can find more flower onion varieties.

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