What are the varieties of gladiolus?

Native variety


It is also called the garden Ye Tuni, the medium is medium, the leaves are cylindrical, the flowers are more sparse, and open toward one side. Flowers are yellow and white, have a fine pattern of purple or brown.

More flowers

The plant is higher, 45 ~ 60 cm, more than 20 flowers, and flowers are white.


Also called red gladiolus, the bulb is large, and the strain is 90 ~ 120 cm. The branches of each stem are 6 to 7, and the clock small flower has a white spot.

Parrot Tang Pu

The bulb is larger is flat, and the strain is 1 meter, which is blooming towards the side, and the flowers are large yellow, with deep purple spots.

Spring Festival Tang Cao Pu

The bulb is large, the plants are short, 3 to 5 flowers, flowers on one side, the crown is purple, slightly red.

Hybrid variety

Gand Tangcao Pu

It is made by the parrot Gladiolus and the crimson Tangcus calamus, and the plant is 90 ~ 150cm, the flower length, the flowers, flowers 2 red or yellow, with a variety of stripes.


The melancholy temples and crimson Tang calamus are mixed, the plant is 60cm, the leaves are linear swords, gray green, spend 2 to 4, yellow purple, the petals of the ocean red stripes and yellow spots, with fragrant flavor.


According to the parental hybrid, the purple spots, the main feature is that the cold resistance is strong, and the bulldogen can have a bud, and the end of the end is formed, and the seed ball is planted. Can flow.

Qi Giladia

Shaw Brillia and Gandi Tang Zhu Pu hybrids, and then improved by American Hamuk. Its hybrid sex is strong, and there is a significant characteristic of a large and beautiful.

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