What are the varieties of Holva


The giant sunflower is a very typical variety of mixed Hollyho. In addition to the ornamental value of Hollyho, it also has edible value.This kind of Holva is very special and basically blooms all year round, so the value of ornamental is extremely high. In addition, the oil content of mixed Hollyoma is also very high. In addition to being eaten directly, it can be used for oil.With a full mouth and blessing.


This type of Hollyho, as the name suggests that the value of consumption is not high, is used to watch.Color sunflower (referred to as colorful sunflowers) is a classic variety of ornamental Hollyhocks.This type of Holva is suitable for growing in a moist, mild light, and tenacious vitality, so the requirements for soil are not high, but it grows more beautiful in fertile land.

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