What are the varieties of old grass

牻 苗 苗 儿

年 Niu Er Miao is a one -year or two -year herb with a height of about 10 cm. Its root is cylindrical, and there will be many branches on the stems. Is a long ovate or a long round triangle. The petals are inverted ovate. The color is a faint purple or blue -purple. By September.

Siberia Old Cao

Siberian old grass is a perennial herb. His height is between 20 cm and 100 cm. There will also be a lot of branches on its stems, and there will be slightly wool. From July to July, the fruiting period is between July and September.

Nepal Old Cao

Nepal’s old grass is mainly growing in Nepal and Bangladesh. It is mainly distributed in Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other regions in China. In addition, the effects and functions of Nepal’s old grass are also very significant, and its medicinal value is very significant.

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