What are the varieties of pear trees

The main varieties of pear trees

In China, there are 5 species of pear trees that are mainly used for economic cultivation, namely Qiuzi pear, white pear, sand pear, pear and Xinjiang pear. In addition, there are wild varieties such as Du Li (Tangli), Dou Pear (Lu Pear), Brown Pear and Sichuan Pear. They are often used as the rootstock of pears.

The excellent variety of pear trees

White pear is suitable for cultivation in areas where the climate is frozen and dry. Sand pears are warm and humid, and they cultivate the main varieties of pears for the Jianghuai area. The climatic conditions required by Pear are similar to white pears and are suitable for cultivation in Huaibei. Yali, La Pear, Spring Pear, and Laoshan Baiyi Pear are excellent varieties in the white pear system. These varieties are suitable for planting in the hometown of Huaibei Yellow River and Jiangsu Tongyan area. The excellent varieties in the sand pear system are Cuifu Pear, Huanghuali, Xingshui, Water Building, New Century, Chrysanthemum Water, Sanji in the evening, etc., which perform well in the Yangtze River Basin and southern regions. Bayi is a representative variety of Pear System. It adapts to the narrow climate conditions, but the hybrids such as Taiping pear and early crispy pear systems can be distributed in the Jianghuai Basin and south, showing strong resistance. Wide adaptability and good yield.

Chinese safflower crispy pear is the latest excellent variety, not only gorgeous flowers, but also excellent fruit quality. Its biggest feature is red flowers, red leaves and red fruits, which are the first case in the world.

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