What are the varieties of sage tail

Bagdan sage

Bagan’s sage is extremely tolerated, and the minimum tolerance temperature can reach less than eighteen degrees below minus.

Ordinary sage

The color of the ordinary rats is blue or purple blue, at most the violet color

Purple -leaf sage

Purple -leaf sage is a variant of ordinary sage or garden sage, which shows mottled colors. It is specially that rarely flowers and have strong cold resistance.

Golden spotted sage

If the golden spotted sage is the same as the mottled variants of ordinary sage.

Pineapple sage

The flower language of the pineapple sage is a warm thought, and its cold resistance is average.

Three -color sage

The three -color sage is also a mottled variant, which is special in the leaves of the blades.

Dwarf rats

The sage of the short -strail is special in the color, and its flower blue has a little purple in the blue, showing purple and blue. It symbolizes wisdom and rationality.

Clari Rat Tail

Clari sage is a two -year -old plant, which is a type of flower fairy sage. In addition, this kind of sage is also known as the edible sage.

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