What are the varieties of silver lotus?

Silver lotus variety

There are two types of silver lotus two types: linked silver lotus and greenhouse silver lotus. Among them, the open -field silver lotus includes two types: crown silver lotus and Japanese silver lotus. There are two types of greenhouse silver lotus two categories.

Open -field silver lotus

Crown silver lotus

The crown silver lotus mainly includes two types: San Taberda hybrid series and the Berlin series. San Tablida’s hybrid series of silver lotus petals, the color of the flowers mainly include pink, blue and white. The petals of the silver lotus in the Berlin series are semi -petals, and the flowers are pink, red, and white.

Japanese silver lotus

There are many varieties of Japanese silver lotus. The main varieties are sub -cubes, white single petals, 5 to 7.5 cm diameter, and 90 cm height. There are also Amius varieties, which are semi -petal light pink flowers, with a plant height of 60 to 90 cm. There are also beautiful estuary flowers, which are heavy -petal flowers, which are strong and strong, with a plant height of 120 cm. And cyclone, semi -petal pure white flower, flower diameter 7.5 to 10 cm, plant height of about 120 cm. The little princess is a dwarf flower cultivated by Japanese wild silver lotus. Its color is soft and old, with dark green leaves and cracking leaves. The flowering period is from September to October.

Greenhouse silver lotus

The greenhouse silver lotus has Monar and Black Said and the first card series. The characteristics of the silver lotus series of Monai and the black gauze are large, white, pink and red flowers, and the stems are 25.4 cm to 45.7 cm long. The card series silver lotus is a single petal and a light dish, and the colors are pink, red, purple, white, and flowers.

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