What are the winter succulents

What is winter fleshy meat

Winter succulents refer to the succulents that can grow in summer, while spring, autumn and winter.

In fact, there are many succulent plants in winter. Let ’s talk about common subjects and varieties below.

Common winter fleshy meat

Twelve volumes are fleshy in winter, including striped twelve volumes, jade dew, jade fan, and so on.

The fleshy hall is mainly the main hall of the big Cangjiao. It is also a more common winter type.

Green lock dragon is a common Qianzhizhi Tower (green tower) in succulent, star Otome, Dragon Palace City and other varieties that belong to winter types.

Jingtian is a fleshy moon in succulent, Guanyin Lotus, Om girl, eight thousand generations, Hongzhiyu and other succulents in the winter type.

In the succulent lotus, the lotus palm includes love dyeing brocade, Yan Ri, Xi Ying, and Master Black Master.

For Yehua is a variety such as Emperor Jade, Qingyu, Phoenix Eggs and other varieties.

Yinbojin belongs to the bears, Fu Niang, Yinbojin and other succulents. The waves belong to the succulent photos, and the pork yellow chrysanthemums are group waves, four sea waves, and barren waves. They also belong to winter types.

There are also raw stone flowers, sun wheel jade, Zhu Xianyu, etc., all in winter.

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