What does succulent medicine mean?

What is Yaojin

I believe that everyone knows about the brocade of succulent plants. When breeding succulent, because of the environment and genes, it will make it a certain chance. This situation is still very small, and some are still charming, so they are very popular.

There are usually several forms when the fleshy is brocade. Like Bai Jin, the leaves have become white. There are also Huang Jin, Orange Jin, as well as white spots and silver lines, all of which have their own characteristics.

The so -called medicine brocade refers to some businesses, in order to make their own fleshy state of brocade, use drugs to stimulate the plant, so that the chlorophyll and pigments in the plant are destroyed. Brocade is the same. This is Yaojin.

Is it good?

In fact, it is not good to use drugs to stimulate succulent plants.

First of all, this is not the real brocade, it is just a shortcut. Compared with the fleshy fleshy, it has a lot of sedimentation and it feels not worth it.

Secondly, the drug stimulates the chlorophyll that will destroy the leaves from the fleshy pink, so that the leaves cannot perform the photosynthetic effect normally, the nutrients cannot be accumulated, and the leaves will slowly die. If there are fewer drugs used when stimulating the brocade, the leaves may slowly return to normal, so that there is no brocade.

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