What feng shui effect does Fusang flower have


The flowers blooming from Fusang flowers are very bright. During the sunrise in the morning, it will be closed during the evening at the evening. The color of the red flowers is very bright. It represents all the time full of vitality. Usually it is planted in the home courtyard, in front of the door, next to the road or by the wall. In the place, it can show full of vitality, not only that makes people feel full of enthusiasm and open -mindedness in the house. Fuso has greatly helped the indoor feng shui. Sometimes people feel that Sang and the funeral tone are relatively similar, and they feel that it will not be bad. In fact, these are not necessary to worry.


Fusang flower can also mean a beautiful longing. There is such a legend. In Hawaii, people use Fusanghua as a state of flowers. When they see Fusang flower, they will think of the sea, beaches, and exotic blonde beauties. Local residents have a habit that usually puts the hue flower on the ears. Moreover, placing on the left ear means that they hope to have a lover, and it means that they already have a lover on the right ear. If both ears are put on, that is to say, I already have a lover and want to have one more. This situation shows that the feng shui effect of Fu Sanghua represents the arrival of good luck. Therefore, putting a fibula flower at home will fully show the owner’s enthusiasm and boldness to the guests.

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