What flowers should be planted in alkaline soil and acidic soil

Flowering principle

Because of the regional and climate, the nature of the soil in each area is different. Generally, the soil in the south is acidic, and the soil in the north is alkaline.

For flowers, the impact of different properties of soil on their growth is also different. Like acidic flowers grow well in acidic soil, but it will grow poorly in alkaline soil. Flowers in soil are also the same.

So what flowers should acid soil and alkaline soil be planted?

What flower grows in acidic soil

Due to the different pH values ​​of acidic soil, the nature of the soil is slightly different.

The soil with a large acidic can grow more acid -resistant flowers, such as azaleas, hydrangea, etc., as well as colorful leaf grass, duck grass and ferns. The slightly less acidic soil is generally more suitable for planting flowers such as charming, Zhu Dinghong and camellia. The neutral acidity soil is generally more suitable for planting chrysanthemums, narcissus flowers, and so on.

What flowers are planting alkaline soil

If the soil is alkaline, it is generally more suitable for breeding pomegranate, rose flowers, lilac flowers and other flowers.

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