What is coconut bran

Coconut bran profile

Coconut bran refers to the fiber powder of the coconut shell. It is a pure natural organic matter medium that falls off in the process of coconut shell fiber processing. It is a processing coconut by -products or waste.

Coconut component

The natural state of coconut bran is acidic. Coconut bran with low pH values ​​is not easy to breed microorganisms, which is conducive to the growth of plants; coconut clothes used to make coconut bran also have certain mineral nutrition.



First, the water retention of coconut bran is good. It can fully maintain the nutrients and water required for plant growth, reduce the loss of water and nutrients, and allow the root system of the plant to absorb more water and nutrients in the growth stage.

Second, the permeability of coconut bran is good. The root system of plants can be effectively prevented, and the root system of the plant can be used to protect the root of the plant; it can also protect the soil and avoid the mudification of the soil.

Third, the natural decomposition rate of coconut bran is slow, which can extend the period of use of the matrix.

Fourth, coconut bran can biodegradation and is more environmentally friendly.

Fifth, the cost of coconut bran is low.


When cultivating plants like succulent, if you use coconut bran to plant purely, the root system of the plant will become fragile, prone to stiff seedlings and plate knots, and rot at high temperatures in summer.

Applied plant

Coconut bran can be used for soil -free flowers and economy plants, and can also be used to cultivate seedlings. Coconut bran is best mixed when using it, which can be used to plant plants such as succulent, red palm, Phalaenopsis, orchids, carnations, rose, lily, African chrysanthemum and other plants.

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