What is leaf fertilizer

Brief Introduction to Leaf Face Fertilizer

Facial fertilizer refers to the fertilizer that the nutrients needed for crops directly on the leaves to make up for the lack of nutrients to absorb nutrients.

Fertilization of leaf fertilizer


First, the absorption of leaf fertilizer is fast. Various nutrients enter the plant directly from the leaves, and can be absorbed by plants quickly;

The second is the effect of leaf fertilizer. Leaves fertilizer can be easily absorbed by plants, which can quickly relieve the lack of fat in the crop, promote the progress of various physiological processes in plants, and improve the quality of plants;

Third, the amount of leaf surface fertilizer is small and the cost is low. The leaf fertilizer is sprayed directly on the leaf surface, which is more saved than fertilizing the root.


First, the absorption of the leaves with thick keratin is low and the amount of absorption is low, and the absorption amount is small;

The second is that the fertilization of the leaf surface is easy to drip from the leaf surface, and the nutrients sprayed are easily lost by rain;

The third is that the spray cast is dry quickly on the leaves, affecting the absorption of plants;

Fourth, it is difficult to transfer from the absorption site such as calcium to other parts;

Fifth, the nutrients provided by leaf surface fertilizer cannot meet all the needs of plant growth;

Sixth, improper use of leaf fertilizer can easily cause plant leaf surface burns;

Seventh, the effect of leaf surface fertilizer is short, and it needs to be sprayed multiple times, which is time -consuming and laborious.

Precautions for leaf surface fertilizer use

On the basis of fertilization of leaf fertilizer, the appropriate spray concentration, spraying method, spray time, and spray time should be selected to give full play to the effect of leaf fertilizer.

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