What is liquid fertilizer

Introduction to liquid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer is a kind of liquid fertilizer, which refers to the fusion of fertilizers and water and spray directly on the plants or roots. Liquid fertilizer is easily absorbed by plants, saving time and effort.

Liquid fertilizer

First, liquid fertilizer can mobilize the physiological functions of plants, promote priority development and early maturity. It can effectively supplement the various trace elements of plants and make plants develop normally.

Second, liquid fertilizer can effectively inhibit soil plates caused by improper use of chemical fertilizers, which can improve rural soil quality, cultivate geographical power, and activate the soil, promote the development of plant root systems, and preserve mature property.

Third, after the liquid fertilizer is absorbed by the plant, it can effectively prevent diseases and insect pests.

Fourth, the amount of liquid fertilizer is small, the cost is low and the efficiency is high, which can promote the improvement of crop quality.

The method of fertilization of liquid fertilizer

Leaf spraying

Measures to refer to the method of spraying fertilizer solution to make the leaf surface obtain nutrient elements, which can efficiently use fertilizer.


Refers to planting plant seeds in liquid fertilizer, activating seed endogenous hormones, and increasing the germination rate of seeds.

Drip irrigation

Refers to adding liquid fertilizers to drip irrigation in irrigation water, which can effectively adjust the supply of crop moisture and nutrients.


Refers to dissolving fertilizers in water and then rushing into the cultivation tank with water, which is suitable for the topdressing of the protective ground vegetables for the cultivation method of ground film coverage.

Soilless cultivation

Liquid fertilizer is used for soil -free cultivation to avoid the loss of nutrient elements and regulate air humidity.

Precautions for the use of liquid fertilizer

Direct contact between plants and fertilizers can easily cause damage, so pay attention to the proportion of fertilizer and water mixing.

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