What is moss

Brief introduction

Moss likes a humid environment, but it is not suitable to grow in a cold place without light, and a certain amount of light and temperature need to be.Moss usually grows on naked stone walls, forests, and swamps with large humidity. It is a small green plant that consists of two parts: stems and leaves.

Moss composition

Moss plants can produce a variety of biological active substances such as cymbals, flavonoids and tadpoles. Most of them can inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, which is an important source of natural antibacterial drugs.

Moss characteristics

First, the moss is soft and water absorption, and the water absorption can reach 15-20 times that of its own weight;

The second is the long water retention time of moss;

Third, the moss has good breathability;

Fourth, the moss drainage performance is good;

Fifth, moss is a pure natural product. The material is clean and non -germs, which can reduce the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests;

Sixth, moss is not easy to corrupt, and the use period is long.

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